5 Layer Film

What is 5 Layer?

Five layer barrier films are manufactured using blown coextrusion technology in which different resins from a number of extruders form 5 microscopic layers. The layers add strength, transparency and improve the film's barrier properties, enhancing the product's durability and its shelf life.


  • The Film can be used either in Tube form (e.g. for plastic bags and sacks) or can be slit to form a sheet.
  • Industrial packaging (e.g. bag film or container liners, shrink film, stretch film)
  • Consumer packaging (e.g. packaging film for frozen products, shrink film for transport packaging, food wrap film, packaging bags, or form, fill and seal packaging film)
  • Laminating film (e.g. laminating of aluminium or paper used for packaging for example milk or coffee)
  • Barrier film
  • Packaging of medical products, and Agricultural film (e.g. greenhouse film, crop forcing film, silage film, silage stretch film)


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